SHIELD-HIT12A is a Monte Carlo particle transport program which is modified for proton and heavy ion particle therapy reserach. It was forked from SHIELD-HIT in 2008 with the aim to modernize and implement new features, increasing the applicability for medical physics.

2nd December 2022: Release v1.0.0

Major update, highlights:

  • Beam initialization was rewritten for more elaborate beam models. E.g. now it is possible to set distance to dipole bending magnets for spot scanning beams.
  • Detector settings can be specified, e.g. to score LET in water for any material.
  • Microdosimetry scorer (MOCA).

See the ChangeLog for details.


Current Developers

  • Niels Bassler
  • Leszek Grzanka
  • Nikolai Sobolevsky


Previous Contributors

  • David C. Hansen
  • Armin Lühr
  • Toke Printz
  • Vicki Trier Taasti
  • Bjarne Thomsen



This work was partially supported by funds from the Danish Cancer Society and NovoNordisk Fonden.