SHIELD-HIT12A is a Monte Carlo particle transport program which is modified for heavy ion particle therapy. It was forked from SHIELD-HIT in 2008 with the aim to modernize and implement new features, increasing the applicability for medical physics.

15th November 2018: Release v0.7.4

Release highlights:

  • Scorer: projectile type and TMAX0 now included in .bdo files (#294)
  • Bugfix: bad tag sizes in .bdo files on Windows platforms confusing pymchelper (#290)
  • Minor fixes in the documentation (#293)


1st June 2018: Release v0.7.3

Release highlights:

  • Resolve very rare issue of particles turning backwards being scored twice. (#284)
  • Fix typos and clarify text about 2D rifis in manual. (#283)
  • Fix "invalid detector" message when working with TRACE scorer (#281)


12th December 2017: Release v0.7.2

Release highlights:

  • Add timer option, to let SH12A run a specified number of time. (#270)
  • Add interrupt handlers. Ctrl+C will now write results before exiting. SIGUSR1 will also trigger write on Linux systems . (#60)
  • Differential LET scoring (DLET) reimplemented to use actuall stopping powers rather than dE/dl (#267)
  • Bugfix: bad density leading to occasionally crash when scoring particles not being transported (stoppers). (#271)


6th October 2017: Release v0.7.1

Release highlights:

  • Bugfix: fix a few segfaults which occurred e.g. when running on the Prometheus cluster.


6th October 2017: Release v0.7.0

Release highlights:

  • Scorer: change DLET and TLET scorers to improved algorithm, see documentation for more info. (#258)
  • Scorer: add new experimental radiation quality scorer "Q". (#260)
  • Add example script for submission on SLURM clusters. (#256)
  • Bugfix: running on ArchLinux may have generated corrupted header data in .bdo files. (#265)
  • Bugfix: Momentum spread for beams heavier than protons was calculated incorrectly. (#257)


17th March 2017: Release v0.6.0

Release highlights:

  • Scorer: switch to new and much improved .bdo format. Users should upgrade to recent pymchelper version as well.
  • Bugfixes in voxel transport and scoring.


10th December 2016: Release v0.5.0

Release highlights:

  • Logging: All log-output is now collected in a single logfile called shieldhit.log
  • Logging: shieldhit.log now contains information on date, user and host (Linux only)
  • Options: new -s option added which will suppress any output to standout of logfile
  • Scorer: legacy scoring system was removed, WRITEFILE card not supported anymore
  • BEAM.dat: new card NEUTRFAST for toggling neutron transport > 14.5 MeV
  • Bugfix: resolved segfault when trying to use SH12A in directory with no write permission.
  • BDO: removed old bdo2txt. Users must install pymchelper instead found on https://github.com/DataMedSci/pymchelper


22nd November 2016: Release v0.4.0

Release highlights:

  • Add DDD detector support for CYL


19th September 2016: Release v0.3.2

Release highlights:

  • Add support for isotropic beams using the BEAMDIV card.
  • Options: Increase max path and filename lengths from 128 bytes to 4096 bytes.
  • Options: Fix bug when using -g option.
  • DOCs: Fix not showing version number.


7th September 2016: Release v0.3.1

Release highlights:

  • CT data: fix bug for low neutrons encountering Sodium
  • PLANE scorer: check configuration, give clearer error messages.
  • Compiling: SH12A now also compiles on Scientific Linux CERN 6.8
  • DOCs: Fix spelling mistakes. Encourage user to use pymchelper instead of bdo2txt


16th July 2016: Release v0.3.0

Release highlights:

  • Experimental particle transport in CT cubes. Please test it and tell us of issues and benchmarks :).
  • GEOMAP for visualizing geometries
  • convertmc script for simpler handling of output from simulations
  • new command line options
  • Much faster medium initialization at startup
  • [undocumented] New experimental dose-averaged and track-averaged LET scorers. They are called DLETG and TLETG, but may replace the old DLET and TLET soon.



This work was supported by the Danish Cancer Society. https://www.cancer.dk